2016 Discovery 4


InControl Apps allows you to operate a number of smartphone apps through the vehicle’s Touch screen.

Before using InControl Apps, you will need to download the Land Rover InControl Remote app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

When subsequently selecting Land Rover InControl Remote, the Apps view shows two lists of compatible apps: Not Installed apps andInstalled apps. Apps in the Not Installed apps list can be added at any time. Scroll to the right to see the full list. Tap the required app and install. The new app appears in the Installed apps list.

The Vehicle layout view shows how the installed apps will display on the vehicle's Touch screen. The order of the apps can be adjusted here. Touch an icon and drag to the required position.

The Options menu allows the Region to be changed, gives access to a Quick start guide, and includes a list of FAQs.

To view an app on the vehicle's Touch screen, connect your phone via the USB cable, supplied with your phone, to the vehicle's dedicated InControl Apps USB socket located in the upper glove box.

Make sure that the phone is paired via the Bluetooth wireless device connection. On the Touch screen, select the InControl Apps option, then View or Bluetooth settings.


To establish a connection to the vehicle, the smartphone must be connected to the dedicated InControl USB socket and the Touch screen Home menu displayed.