2016 Discovery 4


  1. Press and release to switch off the screen.

    Press and hold to switch off the rear media system.

  2. Left screen select/switch on.

  3. Right screen select/switch on.

  4. Video source select.

  5. Navigation summary.

  6. Browse.

  7. DVD menu.

  8. Next track/file/channel/station.

  9. Previous track/file/channel/station.

  10. Play/Pause.

  11. Repeat.

  12. Information.

  13. Subtitles on/off.

  14. Not used.

  15. Cabin audio volume on/off.

  16. Shuffle.

  17. Cabin audio volume decrease/mute.

  18. Cabin audio volume increase.

  19. Back: Press to go back to the previous menu.

  20. Radio band select.

  21. Audio source select.

  22. OK: Press to confirm selection.

  23. Cursor control: Up*.

  24. Cursor control: Right*.

  25. Cursor control: Down*.

  26. Cursor control: Left*.

*These are multi-functional keys, depending on the source selected.

The Rear media remote control can also be used to switch the selected audio between the vehicle’s speaker system and the Rear media headphones. To switch between the two outputs, press button (15) on the Rear media remote control.