2016 Discovery 4



It remains the driver's responsibility to detect obstacles and estimate the vehicle's distance from them when maneuvering the vehicle.

To switch on the Surround camera system, press the button on the Touch screen surround. Alternatively, select Cameras from the Extra features menu. See TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU.

  1. Enlarge: To enlarge a camera view, touch the image, then touch the Enlarge soft key. Any two images can be selected and enlarged, to view side-by-side, on the screen.

    When viewing two images, one of them can be selected to view as a full screen image. It can be zoomed into and panned around using the magnifier and arrow icons.

  2. Proximity View: Touch to display a combination of two images from the front and passenger side cameras.

  3. Special Views: Touch to display a selection of preset views. They are provided to assist with difficult maneuvers and are:

    Curb View: Shows views in close proximity to each side of the vehicle.

    T Junction View: Shows views to the left and right from the front camera.

    Trailer View: Shows the default trailer view for the connected trailer.

    Birds-eye View: Shows a 360° plan view from above, using all four cameras.

    Rear Junction: Shows a wide-angle view from the Rear camera.

  4. Tow assist: Touch to display the setup menu screens for a connected trailer.


    Tow assist only displays when the vehicle detects a trailer's electrical connection is correctly fitted to the tow bar's electrical socket.

The vehicle's cameras are located in the center of the front bumper, above the rear license plate, and underneath each of the exterior door mirrors.


Make sure that these areas are kept clean and free from obstructions, for example, stickers, debris, mud, snow, ice, etc.


The quality of the camera views may vary in different lighting conditions.

Camera shortcuts:

The function of the Surround camera button on the Touch screen surround varies, depending on the selected gear and the vehicle’s road speed, and gives the following options:

  • When in a forward gear:

    Press once to select the T Junction View.

  • When in Neutral (N) or Park (P):

    Press once to select the Birds-eye View.

  • When in Reverse (R):

    Press once to select the Rear Junction View.