2016 Discovery 4



Make sure that the vehicle is clear of people and obstacles before lowering the suspension. The difference between 0ff-road height and access height can be 4.1 inches. (105 mm).

The air suspension system may be used to raise or lower the height of the vehicle, using the air suspension raise/lower switch.

The up and down arrows on the raise/lower switch will illuminate when a height change is in progress.

  1. Raise/lower switch down arrow: Press to lower the height of the air suspension.

  2. Raise/lower switch up arrow: Press to raise the height of the air suspension.

  3. Off-road height LED indicator lamp: Off-road height is 2.2 inches (55 mm) higher than normal height.

  4. Normal height LED indicator lamp.

  5. Access height LED indicator lamp: Access height is 2 inches (50 mm) lower than normal height.

  6. Suspension locked LED indicator lamp.


The system may raise or lower the vehicle automatically (e.g., if a Terrain Response program requires it, or if the vehicle is traveling at high speed).

Changes to the height of the vehicle must be made when all of the doors are closed. The engine must also be running (except for remote operation, see REMOTE OPERATION). If a door is opened during a height change, the height change will be suspended. If the door is closed within 90 seconds, the height change will resume. If the doors are not closed in time, the Message center will display the message CONFIRM REQUIRED SUSPENSION HEIGHT. The desired height should be re-selected once the doors are closed. Driving off will return the vehicle to normal height.


If the air suspension is used many times in succession, speed of operation may reduce.