2016 Discovery 4



Use of an incorrect program will impair the vehicle's response to the current terrain and can also cause premature wear of the suspension and the transmission systems.


For vehicles equipped with a single speed transfer box (high range only), it is recommended that Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is switched on. See SWITCHING DSC ON. DSC will enhance the available traction in all situations, in conjunction with the appropriate Terrain Response program.

If the system becomes partially inoperable for any reason, it may not be possible to select any of the Terrain Response system's special programs.

If a participating vehicle system becomes temporarily inoperable, the General program will be automatically selected. Once the system returns to normal operation, the previously active program will be reactivated, unless the ignition has been turned off in the meantime.

If selection of an inappropriate special program (e.g., selecting Rock crawl while in high (Hi) range), the relevant LED indicator lamp will flash amber and the Message center will provide further information. If appropriate action is not taken within 60 seconds, the warnings will cease and the Message center will show the current active program.

If the system becomes completely inoperable, then all of the Terrain Response special program LED indicator lamps will be switched off and a relevant message will be displayed in the Message center.