2016 Discovery 4



Never place objects on top of the loadspace cover. During an accident or sudden maneuver, loose objects can cause serious injury or death.

  1. Pull the rigid portion of the cover to unroll. Engage the end pieces into the recessed features, moulded into the loadspace sides.

  2. The loadspace cover can be fitted in two positions. The foremost fitting is close behind the second row of seats; the rearmost is behind where the third row of seats are/would be fitted.

  3. To retract the loadspace cover, disengage the ends from the recessed areas and allow the soft portion of the cover to retract into its housing. Fold the rigid portion back under the unit and press to clip it into place.

Removing the loadspace cover:

It is easier to remove/refit the loadspace cover if the second row seatbacks have been tipped forward.

  1. To remove the loadspace cover, lift the paddle at the end of the cover and lift the assembly away from the fixing points.

  2. To refit, locate the end of the loadspace cover without the release paddle, into the fixing point and lower the assembly into position. Test each end of the assembly to make sure the loadspace cover is locked into position.


When fitting the loadspace cover into position, make sure that the paddle returns to the flush (horizontal) position. Failure to do so may allow the loadspace cover to move during an accident or sudden maneuver.


Do not store the loadspace cover loose in the vehicle. During an accident or sudden manoeuvre, the loadspace cover could cause serious injury or death.

Storing the loadspace cover:

Never place the loadspace cover behind the second row of seats, if the third row is to be occupied.


Do not attempt to raise the second row seats into the upright position, or tip them forward for third row access, while the loadspace cover is stowed behind the second row, as damage will result.


Remove the stowed loadspace cover before moving the seats.

In the 7 seat vehicle only, the loadspace cover may be stowed in the space behind the second row seats.

To stow the loadspace cover, lower the assembly onto the fixings on the rear of the second row seats.