2016 Discovery 4


The tow hitch receiver is rated as a Class IV.

The tow hitch receiver is stowed in the vehicle's tool kit, see TOOL KIT.

To fit the detachable tow hitch receiver, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the protective cover from the vehicle mounting and store it in a safe place.

  2. The tow hitch receiver can only be installed when the green locking lever is in the unlocked position.

  3. Insert the tow hitch receiver into the mounting and push firmly upwards until the tow hitch locks into position.

  4. The red marker must be completely covered by the green locking lever.

  5. Unfold the key and turn it counter-clockwise to lock the tow hitch receiver, before inserting a tow hitch, see TOW HITCH. Remove the key and store it in a safe place.

When the detachable tow hitch receiver is not required for immediate use, it should be removed and stowed in the appropriate place.