2016 Discovery 4


This feature allows the user to review music tracks already played by the currently received radio station. Tracks are held in an instant replay buffer so that they can be rewound for playing.

With a radio station playing, touch Instant replay to enter the feature.

The current Live music track will be displayed along with any received information. Use the Add song, Add artist, or Add team soft keys to include the song or artist in the lists of favorites.

Use the standard set of audio control soft keys to rewind, fast forward, stop, play and pause the buffered content. If the pause button is used, the counter will display how far the music track is behind Live play. The blue ball is an indication of the current playing position within the buffer.

Select Playlist to view the list of music tracks in the buffer.

The current LIVE music track is highlighted. Use the scroll keys to move up or down the list. Touch an alternative track to play. The i soft key will display any further information.

To return to the satellite radio screen and exit Instant replay, touch Exit. To return to the satellite radio screen and continue replay, touch the Back arrow at the top of the screen. To move back to the Live screen, long touch the Instant replay soft key.


When an alternative radio channel is selected, the playlist will be cleared. The playlist will also clear when the ignition is switched off.