2016 Discovery 4


The Rain sensor is mounted on the inside of the windshield, behind the rear-view mirror. The sensor is able to detect the presence and amount of water on the windshield and automatically activates the windshield wipers accordingly.


Static droplets may not be detected on initial start-up. A single wipe should be used to clear the windshield.

To activate the rain sensitive wipers, move the wiper/washer control to the AUTO position (1). The behavior of the system may be tailored to driver's preference by rotating the collar (2).


If the wiper/washer control is turned to the AUTO position (1), the wipers will not operate if either front door is open.


In dry and often sunny conditions, optical influences and dirt accumulation on the windshield may result in the windshield wipers activating inadvertently. To prevent this, it is recommended that, under these conditions, the wiper controls are returned to the OFF position.