2016 Discovery 4


Voicetags enable the user to personalize the Voice control system so that a single name can be used to access a navigation destination, phone number, or a radio channel.

To add a Voicetag:

  1. Briefly press the Voice button to start a voice session.

  2. Wait for the tone to sound and then say Phone, Navigation, or Radio.

  3. Say Store voicetag.

Alternatively, Voicetags can be managed via the Touch screen, as follows:

  1. Select the Setup icon from the Touch screen Home menu. See TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU.

  2. Select Voice from the Setup menu.

  3. Select Voicetags from the Voice settings menu.

  4. Select the system which the Voicetag is to activate (Phone, Navigation, or Radio/Satellite radio).

Follow the Touch screen and audible instructions.