2016 Discovery 4


To access the Phone menu: Press the Telephone button, or touch the Telephone menu icon from the Touch screen Home menu. See TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU.

  1. Change phone: Search for a new or change to another paired phone.

  2. Last 10: Access the last 10 dialed, received and missed calls.

  3. Phonebook: Access the downloaded phonebook.

  4. Digit dial: Access digit dialing mode.

  5. Touch and hold to retrieve your voicemail.

  6. Status display: Displays the name and/or number dialed and call duration.

  7. Call Connect/Disconnect icons: Touch to send/accept or end/reject a call.

  8. Settings: Access Voice mail set up, Answer options and Phone options.

  9. Mute microphone: Initiate Privacy mode. While selected, the caller will not hear you talking.

  10. Auto reject: When active, any incoming calls will be rejected or diverted to voicemail (depending on the connected phone settings).

  11. Use handset: Switch the call to your connected phone.

  12. Delete: Touch to delete the last entered digit, and hold to delete the whole entered number.