2016 Discovery 4



Before attempting to replace a bulb, make sure that both the affected lamp and the vehicle's ignition, are turned off. If the circuit remains live, a short circuit can occur, which may damage the vehicle's electrical system.

Lamp Specification Power (Watts)
Halogen headlamp (low and main beam) HIR2 55
Xenon headlamp (low and main beam) D35 35
Cornering lamps H8 35
Front side lamps W3W 3
Front direction indicators PY24W 24
Front fog lamps H11 55
Side repeater lamps WY5W 5
Reverse lamps P21W 21
Rear fog lamps P21W 21
Number plate lamps W5W 5
Puddle lamps W5W 5
Interior lamps W5W 5