2016 Discovery 4


Item Variant Capacity (litres)
Fuel tank (usable) Diesel 82.3
Petrol 86.3
Engine oil refill and filter change Diesel 5.9
Petrol 8
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Diesel 17
Washer reservoir All vehicles 5.6
Cooling system (refill) Diesel 10.3
Petrol 9.35
Cooling system with fuel burning heater (refill) Diesel 11.6
Cooling system with rear heater (refill) Diesel 12.8
Petrol 10.8
Cooling system with fuel burning heater and rear heater (refill) Diesel 14.1

The quoted capacities are approximate and provided as a guide only. All levels must be checked using the level marks, level plugs, Message centre, or drain and refill, as applicable.