2016 Discovery 4



Make sure that any items stored in the vehicle are secure and cannot move. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, or subject to sudden braking or a change of direction, loose items can cause serious injury.

  1. Front door storage area.

  2. Rear door storage area.

  3. Rear compartment cup holders.

  4. Rear storage bins.

  5. Upper glovebox.

  6. Lower glovebox.

  7. Center console storage: The rubber mat at the bottom of the center console is designed to hold CD cases.

  8. Cool box: Switch on and off using the switch on the inside front lip. There is a short delay between pressing the switch and illumination of the indicator.

    The cool box will work best when the cooling tray is used.


    The cool box will only operate with the ignition turned on.


    The cool box is not a refrigerator, and will not attain the temperatures attained by a refrigerator. Repeated or prolonged opening of the cool box will reduce its ability to maintain temperature.


    The cool box should be switched off when it is not needed, to preserve battery charge.

  9. Center console cup holders.

  10. Second row seat cup holders.