2016 Discovery 4


Allows access to the following commands:

Edit Route:

These menu items are identical in operation to the On-road menus.

A maximum of 20 off-road routes can be stored. When the maximum is reached, the New Route soft key will no longer be active.

Stop Guidance:

Allows a selected route to be canceled. Touch the soft key to cancel guidance. All waypoints and icons will be removed.

Display Route:

The whole route can be displayed during guidance mode. It shows the total mileage of each section and updates as the vehicle's position changes.

CCPS (Current Car Position to Start):

A backward or return route can be made, at any time. All waypoint icons of the original route are reset and the system draws straight lines between them.

The original start point is now designated as the destination point and waypoints are numbered in countdown order.

Waypoint List:

Off-road navigation waypoints are shown in numerical order. The nearest waypoint is the last in the list. A maximum of 35 waypoints can be stored.

During a forward route, the waypoint with the smaller number is nearest on the guidance display. During a backward or return route the smaller number is furthest away.

The bearing (for example, R170) and distance (for example, 1 mile) is a reference to the next waypoint. The bearing is the angle between the previous heading and the next waypoint. The displayed information is continuously updated.

While the list is shown, if the destination is reached, the system first changes to the map screen and then shows the pop-up for arrival at destination.

Skip Waypoint:

While on a route, this soft key can be selected to skip the next waypoint. Guidance will then be given to the following waypoint.

Trace Points:

If Current Trace Point is selected via Route Options, trace point icons are automatically placed along a route, as it is traversed. They are useful to backtrack along the route, if required.

Adjustments to trace point operation can be made via the same screen. After selecting the Current Trace Point option, changes can be made to any registered trace point route.

Select one of the options, and make changes, as required (for example, trace points can be edited, renamed, switched off or deleted).