2016 Discovery 4


The system can be switched between On-road and Off-road navigation by pressing the facia NAV button twice, from anywhere in the system, then selecting On road or Off road, as required. The Navigation soft key on the Touch screen Home menu displays On road NAV or Off road NAV, whichever is the current navigation mode.

Off-road navigation maps are similar to the on-road maps but have extra features and information, such as a large compass display, heading, altitude, latitude and longitude, etc.

When switching to Off-road navigation mode during On-road guidance, the current highlighted route will be removed from the map and On-road guidance will be suspended.

Waypoints and destination icons will remain displayed. The destination is marked with a double circle.

When exiting Off-road guidance, the system recalculates the route and reverts to On-road guidance.


TMC is not available in Off-road navigation mode.

When Off-road navigation is active, touch Nav menu to access the following:

  • New Route.

  • Load Route.

  • Route Options.