2016 Discovery 4


When a TMC signal is received, the icon in the top left of the screen will appear green. If a TMC signal is not being received, the icon will be shown with a bar through it.

The system will inform the driver of any roadworks, narrow roads, contraflows, accidents, slippery roads, diversions, information, parking information, congestion or any other hazards.

The driver is informed of a traffic event, as follows:

  • A TMC event icon shown on the map at the location of the event.

  • Text can be displayed showing the details of each occurrence, which can be selected either by touching the screen icon or from the traffic information list.

  • Dynamic route guidance, which calculates an alternative route when the system receives the traffic event warning affecting the route currently set in the Navigation system.

  • The traffic event list shows all events sorted by road name/distance on your selected route, either in a straight line or along your actual route.

The information regarding the hold-up is maintained and updated, even if the vehicle crosses into another country.