2016 Discovery 4


After selecting Review route, the system will calculate the route.

There is now a choice to select 3 Routes, Change route, or select GO, to start the Navigation guidance.

  1. Touch 3 Routes to display a choice of 3 different route options on the map. The roads on the map are drawn in 3 different colors to highlight each route. EcoRoute helps you find the most fuel efficient route available. A display of 3 leaves indicates the most fuel efficient route.

  2. Select route Quick, Short or Alt route by touching the respective box displayed on the right side of the map.

  3. Touch Change route followed by Route preferences to change the route settings.

  4. When you have made your selection, if any, touch GO.


As you approach an intersection, in addition to the Voice guidance, an inset on the map will display an enlarged view of the intersection.