2016 Discovery 4



Do not adjust the Touch screen controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.

  1. More...: Displays page 2 of 2 Nav menu screens.

  2. Cancel guidance: Cancels the current route guidance.

  3. Destination entry: Provides a choice of options for entering a destination.

  4. Previous destination: Displays previous destinations entered.

  5. Display/Hide POI: Switches the POI (Point Of Interest) icons on the map on/off.

  6. When a destination is set, the Land Rover logo is replaced by a soft key which enables the last voice instruction to be repeated.

  7. Route voice guidance: Allows the Voice guidance messages to be switched off for the current trip. The soft key is highlighted while Voice guidance is enabled.

  8. Quick POI shortcuts: This provides the option to quickly enter a destination of a local POI. The categories can be changed in the Nav set-up menu.

  9. Return to map: Advances to the main map screen.

  10. Detour: Allows a detour from the current route.

  11. Nav set-up: Settings for the Navigation system.

  12. Route options: Allows selection of various options for the route.

  13. TMC (Traffic Message Channel): Not used for entering a destination but, when enabled, will provide data about road conditions and any events that may affect the trip.

  14. Stored locations: Manages the stored locations.