2016 Discovery 4



To avoid damage to the hood, do not lift the wiper blades when they are in the normal parked position.


The smart key must remain in the vehicle while the wiper blades are replaced.


Fit only replacement wiper blades that are identical to the original specification.


Replace the wiper blades in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Before changing a wiper blade, the wiper arms must be set in the service position as follows:

  1. Make sure the ignition is switched off.

  2. Switch the ignition on and then off again.

  3. Immediately press the wash/wipe control to its lowest position, as if to command a single wipe. Hold this position while switching on the ignition again. The wipers move to the service position. See WIPER OPERATION.

  4. When the new parts have been fitted, switch the ignition off. The wipers return to the park position.