2016 Discovery 4



Do not attempt to change any bulb with the lighting switched on. If the lighting has just been switched off, give the bulbs time to cool down. Handling them in a hot condition may cause personal injury.


Do not place the removed lamp unit face down on hard or abrasive surfaces. Doing so may scratch the surface of the lens.

  1. Press down on the 4 upper clips, and gently pull the grille forwards.

  2. Lift the grille clear of the vehicle and place it where it will not be damaged.

  3. Carefully lever up the locking tabs securing the rear of the headlamp. Hold the headlamp in position while doing so.

  4. Holding the front of the lamp, lift forwards and clear of the body.


    The locking tabs (3) can be levered too far up, preventing the headlamp from being released. If this happens, ease the tabs down until the headlamp can be moved forward.

  5. Disconnect the electrical connector from the back of the unit and remove the unit from the vehicle.


    Place face down on a flat surface covered in a soft material, to prevent damage to the units lenses.

  6. To access the turn signal, the headlamp unit's locking slide assembly must be completely removed from the unit.

    To remove the slide assembly, remove the four screws (arrowed). When refitting the slide, do not overtighten the screws.


Refitting the headlamp unit is the reverse of removal.