2016 Discovery 4


  1. Temperature controls: Individual for driver/passenger settings.

  2. Heated seats:

    Press once to switch on to high, twice to switch on to medium, three times to switch on to low and a fourth time to switch off.

  3. Air distribution buttons:

    Windshield and side window vents.

    Face-level vents.

    Foot-level vents.


    More than one setting may be selected, at a time, to achieve the desired distribution.

  4. AUTO mode: For fully automatic operation.

  5. Maximum Defrost mode.

  6. Heated front windshield: Will deactivate after a predetermined length of time.

  7. Heated rear glass: Will deactivate after a predetermined length of time.


    Do not attach labels to the rear screen. Do not scrape or use abrasive materials to clean the inside of the glass.

  8. Air quality sensor.

  9. Recirculation.

  10. Blower control:

    Rotate to adjust the blower speed.

    Rotate fully counter-clockwise to switch the Climate control system off.

  11. Air conditioning (A/C) on/off: With the air conditioning off, the system operates in Economy mode; improving fuel economy.


    Using the system without air conditioning for long periods can cause the windows to fog.

  12. Rear environment:

    Press once to control the rear heating and air conditioning using the front controls only. The lower amber lamp is illuminated.

    Press a second time to allow the rear passengers to have manual control. The upper amber light is illuminated. See REAR CLIMATE CONTROL.

    Press a third time to switch off.


The indicator lamps in the switches will illuminate when the function is selected.


In low temperatures, it is advisable to close the center face-level vent and direct air flow from the outer face-level vents towards the side windows. This will help to keep the windows clear of ice.