2016 Discovery 4


The rotary gear selector rotates in either direction. At engine start-up, the rotary gear selector elevates up from its lowered, stowed position.

The gear selection status of the rotary gear selector and the steering wheel's gear selector paddles (Commandshift), will be displayed in the Message center.

  1. To select Drive (D), Neutral (N), Reverse (R) or Park (P), press the brake pedal and rotate the gear selector. The relative LED indicator lamp, by the gear selector, will illuminate.

    While in D, the gear changing is fully automatic. The gear change shift points are determined by the accelerator pedal position and the vehicle's current speed.

    To achieve rapid acceleration (kick-down) while in D, quickly press the accelerator pedal to its full travel. When the accelerator pedal is relaxed, normal automatic gear changing will resume.


    Before selecting D, R, N or P, make sure the vehicle is stationary and the brakes are applied.


    If pressure is applied to the rotary gear selector before the brake pedal is applied, the selected gear may not be available. In this situation, remove the pressure from the rotary gear selector, make sure the brake pedal is applied and then select the required gear again.

  2. To select Sport (S) mode from D, press the gear selector down and rotate to S. The relative LED by the gear selector will illuminate.

    The gearbox will stay in the lower gears for longer, improving mid-range performance.

    To deselect S mode, rotate the gear selector back to D.

  3. Commandshift gear selector paddles: Allows manual gear selection, while the selector is in either the D or S positions. Lightly pull the left paddle for down-shifts or lightly pull the right paddle for up-shifts.

    Commandshift can be effective when rapid acceleration and engine braking are required.

    A gear shift indicator warning lamp will illuminate briefly at the recommended (up-shift) gear change point. See GEARSHIFT (WHITE).


    If continued use of the Commandshift gear selector paddles is required, select S.

  4. To manually change gear, briefly pull the relevant steering wheel gear shift paddle.

    To exit manual gear selection mode, either pull and hold the up-shift paddle for approximately one second (to return directly to automatic operation in D or S) or, if in S, rotate the rotary gear selector to the D position.


Never select P while the vehicle is in motion.


Never select R while the vehicle is in forward motion.


Never select a forward gear while the vehicle is moving backwards.


Do not rev the engine or allow it to run above normal idle speed while selecting D or R, or while the vehicle is stationary with any gear selected.


Do not allow the vehicle to remain stationary with a drive gear selected and the engine running. Always select P or N if the engine is to idle for a prolonged period.

If the rotary gear selector is obstructed, remove the obstruction and then start the engine. The gear selector should elevate.

If the rotary gear selector fails to elevate and there is no obstruction, a fault in the system is indicated. The gear selector can be used in the lowered position, but be aware that it will not automatically select P when the engine is switched off. Therefore, P should be selected manually. The fault should be rectified by a Retailer/Authorized Repairer at the earliest opportunity.