2016 Discovery 4


When the engine is started, the rotary gear selector elevates from its lowered, stowed position. If an obstruction occurs, switch the engine off, remove the obstruction and start the engine again.

If the rotary gear selector fails to elevate and there is no obstruction, a fault in the system is indicated. The gear selector can still be used in the lowered position. Make sure that Park (P) is selected before the engine is switched off. The fault should be rectified by a Retailer/Authorized Repairer at the earliest opportunity.

P should be selected before switching the engine off. However, it is possible to switch the engine off with Reverse (R), Drive (D) or Sport (S) selected. The rotary gear selector will automatically select P, while retracting into the center console.


If the engine is switched off with Neutral (N) selected, the system will wait for 10 minutes before selecting P. This procedure only allows the vehicle to be conveyed through a car wash and should not be used for vehicle recovery purposes.