2016 Discovery 4


  1. Map reading lamps switch (INTERIOR LIGHTS).

  2. Main interior lamp switch (INTERIOR LIGHTS).

  3. Sunroof close switch (ELECTRIC WINDOWS).

  4. Sunroof open/tilt switch (ELECTRIC WINDOWS).

  5. High beam/Direction indicator/Trip computer switch (LIGHTING CONTROL/USING THE TRIP COMPUTER).

  6. Gearshift paddle (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION).

  7. Audio system control (AUDIO/VIDEO CONTROLS).

  8. Instrument panel and Message center (INSTRUMENT PANEL).

  9. Instrument panel menu control (INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU).

  10. Wiper/washer controls (WIPER OPERATION).


  12. Audio system and controls (AUDIO/VIDEO CONTROLS).

  13. Display/Touch screen (TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU).

  14. Left side heated seat switch (FRONT CLIMATE CONTROL).

  15. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) off switch (SWITCHING DSC OFF).

  16. Hazard warning lamp control switch.

  17. Parking aid switch (USING THE PARKING AID).

  18. Right side heated seat switch (FRONT CLIMATE CONTROL).

  19. Heater/air conditioning control (FRONT CLIMATE CONTROL).

  20. Terrain response switch (TERRAIN RESPONSE OPERATION).

  21. Transfer gearbox switch (TRANSFER GEARBOX).

  22. Intelligent stop/start (AUTO STOP/START).

  23. Rotary gear selector (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION).

  24. Electric Parking Brake (EPB) (ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE (EPB)).

  25. Air suspension control (ELECTRONIC AIR SUSPENSION CONTROLS).

  26. Hill Descent Control (HDC) switch (HILL DESCENT CONTROL (HDC) OVERVIEW).

  27. Heated steering wheel switch (ADJUSTING THE STEERING WHEEL).

  28. Voice recognition and telephone switches (USING VOICE CONTROL/STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS).

  29. Horn switches.

  30. Cruise control switches (USING CRUISE CONTROL).

  31. Electric mirror controls (DOOR MIRRORS).

  32. Electric window controls (ELECTRIC WINDOWS).

  33. Electric window rear isolator switch (ELECTRIC WINDOWS).

  34. Front fog lamp switch (LIGHTING CONTROL).

  35. Rear fog lamp switch (LIGHTING CONTROL).

  36. Instrument illumination dimmer control (LIGHTING CONTROL).

  37. Main exterior lamp control (LIGHTING CONTROL).