2016 Discovery 4


If a malfunction occurs during operation of the system in Cruise or Follow modes, the ACC system will switch off and cannot be used until the fault is cleared. The message DRIVER INTERVENE appears briefly and is then replaced by the message CRUISE NOT AVAILABLE.

If a malfunction of the ACC or any related system occurs at any other time, the message CRUISE NOT AVAILABLE will be displayed. It will not be possible to activate the ACC system in any mode.

Accumulations of dirt, snow, or ice on the sensor or cover may inhibit ACC operation. Fitting of a vehicle front protector or metal badges may also affect ACC operation.

If this occurs in ACC or Follow mode, the audible alarm sounds and the message DRIVER INTERVENE displays briefly. The message ACC SENSOR BLOCKED will then be displayed.


The same messages may also be displayed while driving on open roads with few objects for the radar to detect.

Clearing the obstruction allows the system to return to normal operation. If the obstruction is present when ACC is inactive (e.g., on initial starting or with the ACC system switched off), the message ACC SENSOR BLOCKED will be displayed.

Tires, other than those recommended for your vehicle, may have different circumferences. This can affect the correct operation of the ACC.