2019 Range Rover



Make sure all relevant safety warnings have been read and understood before driving the vehicle. See БЕЗОПАСНОСТЬ СИСТЕМЫ ПРЕДВАРИТЕЛЬНОГО КОНДИЦИОНИРОВАНИЯ АВТОМОБИЛЯ.

The touchscreen can be used to either preset activation times or to operate the system manually.

When the system is operating, the Maximum defrost icon's LED flashes. The choice of operation is automatically determined by the system, depending on the external temperature.


The system ceases operation if the engine is started.

To access the VEHICLE DEPARTURES screen, select Vehicle Departures from the EXTRA FEATURES page. See ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ФУНКЦИИ.

The vehicle departures screen consists of the following:

  1. Time.

  2. Date.

  3. Current time.

  4. Departure times: Touch to select a departure time and day within the calendar area.

  5. Settings icon: Touch to select the preconditioning departure settings. See НАСТРОЙКИ ПРЕДВАРИТЕЛЬНОГО КОНДИЦИОНИРОВАНИЯ.

  6. Power icon: Touch to switch on or off.


When the power is switched off, the settings are maintained and will be available again when the power is switched back on.

To access the preconditioning NEW DEPARTURE screen, select a day and time in the VEHICLE DEPARTURES screen. Select the Timed Climate soft key.

To set a single or repeated departure time:

  1. Hour: Touch to adjust the hour.

  2. Minute: Touch to adjust the minutes.

  3. AM or PM: Touch to select the correct clock zone.

  4. Calendar and day: Touch to adjust the calendar's date and day.

  5. OK: Touch OK to confirm departure time and days.

  6. Day selection: Touch to select the days that require the repeated departure time.

  7. Repeat: Touch to enable the departure time to be repeated on other days. Touch again to cancel repeated departure times.

  8. Timed climate soft key: Touch the soft key to select the timed climate option.

  9. Information icon: For an overview of timed climate preconditioning.


The time format, 12 or 24 hour clock, is determined by the time settings currently selected in the GENERAL SETTINGS menu. See ОБЩИЕ НАСТРОЙКИ.