2019 Range Rover


The My Electric Vehicle (My EV) extra feature displays information for operation of the hybrid system. The My EV screen display also allows manual selection of the energy save function. See СОХРАНИТЬ.

Select My EV from the touchscreen’s EXTRA FEATURES menu. See ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ФУНКЦИИ.

The My EV menu screen also displays the following information:

  • The hybrid system energy flow is dynamically represented via a vehicle image. Operation of the hybrid system is graphically displayed during driving. The active components and the energy flow between them are highlighted.

  • The current total driving range for the vehicle.

  • The current driving range for the electric motor.

Swipe the My EV menu screen to access the CHARGING screen, to display information for the current charging status of the hybrid battery.

Select the Timed charging soft key to view and change a current timed charging event. See ТАЙМЕР ЗАРЯДКИ.

Select the Charge now soft key to override a timed charging event.