2019 Range Rover


Should any part of the bodywork of the vehicle be perforated by rust corrosion, the panel(s) affected by the perforation will be repaired or replaced by any Jaguar Land Rover authorised repairer, completely free of charge, regardless of any change in vehicle ownership.

Warranty Terms: 6 years, unlimited distance.


The term perforation means a hole that penetrates through the bodywork, caused by corrosion from the inside to the outside or from the underside to the upper side, as a result of faulty manufacture or materials. For the purpose of this warranty, the term bodywork, is defined as metal panels, including doors, bonnet, engine and boot compartments, wings, sills, scuttles, roof, floor panel, structural frames and chassis members, but excluding attachments such as bright trim, bumpers, mouldings, hinges, and road wheels.