2019 Range Rover


Make sure the following warnings have been read and fully understood before using a speed limiter. Failure to use the speed limiter safely could result in an accident, leading to serious injury or death.


Speed limiters are driving aids only. Always drive with due care and attention, and in a manner which is safe for the vehicle, its occupants, and other road users. The driver should still observe all road signs, road markings, and situations that are not detected or recognised by the speed limiter systems. Driving without due care and attention greatly increases the risk of an accident.


In certain conditions, such as a steep downhill gradient, the vehicle's speed may exceed the set speed limit. Driver intervention may be required. Driving at speeds above the set speed limit may infringe on local laws.


Speed limiters are convenience features only. Speed limiters do not remove the driver’s responsibility to adhere to the legal road speed limit.