2019 Range Rover



In the interest of safety, only operate, adjust, or view the system when it is safe to do so.

The web browser is only accessible when the vehicle is stationary.

  1. Search bar: Touch to display the keyboard. Enter a keyword or website address. To delete the text, touch and hold the delete icon on the keyboard screen.

  2. Screen display: Touch and hold the screen to scroll web pages that are larger than the viewable area. Double tap the screen to reset the page to its original size.

  3. Settings icon: Touch to access the Web Browser Settings via the SETTINGS pop-up menu. See НАСТРОЙКИ ВЕБ-БРАУЗЕРА.

  4. Return icon: Touch to exit the Web Browser and return to the EXTRA FEATURES screen. If viewing favourites, touch to return to the web browser screen.

  5. Full screen icon: Select to maximise the viewable area by hiding the header, footer, and search bar. When in full screen view, touch the:

    show all icon to display the header, footer, and search bar.

    + icon to zoom in.

    - icon to zoom out.

    Alternatively, pinch two fingers together to zoom out, or stretch them apart to zoom in.

    Double tap the screen to reset the page to its original size.


    Touch and hold the zoom in and out widget to move it to a new location on the screen.

  6. Homepage icon: Touch to display the homepage.

    When the web browser is used for the first time, the default Land Rover homepage displays until a new homepage is set.

    To set the homepage, select the favourites list by touching the favourites icon (10). Touch the home icon next to a favourite to make it the homepage. Touch the return icon (4) to apply the change.

  7. Refresh icon: Touch to refresh the displayed web page.

  8. Backward icon: Touch to show the previous web page.

  9. Forward icon: Touch to show the next web page.

  10. Favourites icon: Touch to add a website to the favourites list. This icon is highlighted when the displayed web page is set as a favourite. The web page name can be amended by touching the text. To:

    View a favourite: Select a favourite from the favourites list to display in the web browser.

    Delete a favourite: Touch the favourites icon next to an entry in the favourites list to deselect it, followed by the return icon to apply the changes and delete it from the list.