2019 Range Rover


The vehicle may support the download and installation of over the air software updates. Over the air software allows certain components of the vehicle to be kept up-to-date without the need to visit a retailer/authorised repairer.

When a new software update is available, a notification will display on the touchscreen upon starting or switching off the vehicle. Follow the step-by-step instructions to accept the update and begin the download process, alternatively postpone the update to a later date.


The download of data may incur costs.

On completion of the software download, accept the on-screen prompt to begin the install process. Switch off and exit the vehicle, making sure that it is in a locked and alarmed state. Upon successful completion of the update, an on-screen notification is given.


It may take up to 30 minutes to complete the update process.

To complete a software update observe the following conditions:

  • The new software must be successfully downloaded onto the vehicle via the in-built SIM or a personal SIM card.

  • The vehicle needs cellular connectivity during the process of performing a software update. See ОБЩИЕ СВЕДЕНИЯ О ПОДКЛЮЧЕНИИ.

  • The vehicle has to be locked and alarmed for up to 30 minutes.

  • The terms and conditions for the download and install must be accepted.

  • The vehicle update must not be interrupted, either by the vehicle owner or by loss of cellular connectivity.

  • The vehicle may need to be associated to an active InControl account. See ОБЩИЕ СВЕДЕНИЯ ПО INCONTROL.


Availability of over the air updates may vary depending on market and vehicle specification.