2019 Range Rover



Make sure that any items stored in the vehicle are secure and cannot move. If the vehicle is involved in an accident, or is subject to sudden braking or a change of direction, loose items can cause serious injury.

To access the tables:

  1. Press the button to release the centre armrest. Lift the armrest.

  2. Raise and lower button: Press and release the button to activate the table.

    The table's cover panel opens and the table hinges forward. The cover panel closes.

  3. Press the button on the table column, while lifting the table top vertically. When in position, lower the table top into the horizontal position. The table top can be extended, if required.


The front seats have restricted movement when the centre console tables are deployed.

To store the tables:

  1. If extended, retract the table top to the normal position.

  2. Move the table top to the vertical position. Press the button on the column and lower the table.

  3. Press and hold the lower button until the cover door opens. The table moves back into the fully stored position. The cover door closes.