2019 Range Rover



Store the remote control in the storage area provided in the rear seat centre armrest, when not in use, to prevent accidental damage. See ОТСЕК ДЛЯ ХРАНЕНИЯ В ЗАДНЕЙ КОНСОЛИ.

  1. Left screen button: Press to select or reactivate the screen when in stand-by mode (illuminates when selected).

  2. Power button: Press and release to switch the selected screen on and off (all selected audio from sources will continue).

    Press and hold to switch the system off completely (audio and video source will stop).

  3. Right screen button: Press to select or reactivate the screen when in stand-by mode (illuminates when selected).

  4. Rear climate button: Press to toggle between the CLIMATE and SEATS screens.

  5. Up button: Press to move up the selection.*

  6. Right button: Press to move right.*

  7. OK button: Press to confirm selection.

  8. Settings button: Some settings for features displayed on the rear screens are available, however, full functionality is controlled from the front touchscreen.

  9. DVD menu button: Press to select from the DVD menu .

  10. Forward button: Press to access the next track, file, channel, or station, depending on the selected media.

  11. Volume control button: Press to increase, decrease, or mute cabin audio volume (volume control for the headphones is on the side of the headphones).

  12. Cabin audio button: Press to switch the cabin audio on or off (when switched off, the headphone's audio will be available).

  13. Play or Pause button: Press to play or pause media.

  14. Backward button: Press to access the previous track, file, channel, or station depending, on the selected media.

  15. Favourite button: Press to mark the selection as a favourite.

  16. Return button: Press to return to a higher menu level.

  17. Down button: Press to move down the selection.*

  18. Left button: Press to move left.*

  19. Home button: Press to select the rear HOME screen.

  20. Media source button: Press once to view the selected media source. Press again to access the SELECT SOURCE menu.

*These are multi-function keys, depending on the source selected.

If the remote control becomes unpaired from the rear screens, re-pair via the Rear Media Settings on the touchscreen SETTINGS pop-up menu. Once this is complete, both the left and right screen buttons will flash twice. See НАСТРОЙКИ СИСТЕМЫ.