2019 Range Rover


Touch the settings icon on the lower touchscreen to access the available features menu. See ОРГАНЫ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ НА НИЖНЕМ СЕНСОРНОМ ЭКРАНЕ.

The lower touchscreen display settings menu is divided into three features. Touch the required feature to launch the settings screen:

  • Display.

  • Climate.

  • Seats.

The lower touchscreen start-up display can be programmed via the Start up screen. Touch the right arrow or the displayed feature, after the Start up screen statement, to access the menu features.

Touch one of the following menu features, to store and open, when the lower touchscreen starts up:

  • Climate.

  • Seats.

  • Vehicle.

  • Phone.

  • Media.

  • Last used: Select to return to the last used feature on screen start up.

  • No feature: Select to display a blank screen on screen start up.