2019 Range Rover


Select the ECO driving program to modify the vehicle's settings to help reduce fuel consumption and encourage a more efficient driving style. For example, the energy consumption of the climate and comfort features is reduced and the accelerator pedal response is adjusted.

Selecting the ECO driving program may automatically change some of the settings for the climate and comfort features. Deselecting the ECO driving program, or the manual adjustment of each feature, overrides the automatic changes.

The possible automatic changes are as follows:

  • The heated seats are switched off.

  • The climate seats are switched off.

  • The heated steering wheel is switched off.

  • The heated windscreen does not automatically switch on when the engine is started, if configured to switch on via the CLIMATE SETTINGS. See НАСТРОЙКИ КЛИМАТ-КОНТРОЛЯ.

  • The auto blower speed is set to low, if currently set to a high speed.

  • The audio volume may also be adjusted if it is currently set to a high volume.


The ECO driving program may also make subtle changes to the rate of the cabin's heating or cooling, and also the amount of air recirculation.


The availability of some features is dependent on the market and the specification of the vehicle.

The ECO data feature consists of various information display screens that provide extra vehicle efficiency data and guidance. The ECO DATA menu is accessed via the EXTRA FEATURES menu from the touchscreen. See ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ФУНКЦИИ.


The ECO data feature only begins recording data after the vehicle has travelled at least 1 km.


The ECO data feature only monitors the driver's manual inputs, e.g., accelerator pedal, brake pedal, etc. Automatic inputs from the vehicle, e.g., operation of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal via the automatic cruise control, are not measured. Any data not being measured or recorded illuminates grey in the instrument panel display.