2019 Range Rover


Tyre pressure adjustment while the tyres are cold:

The instrument panel can be used to display the recommended cold tyre pressures for the vehicle. The tyre pressure look-up table can be accessed via the Vehicle info and the Tyre information menus. See МЕНЮ ЩИТКА ПРИБОРОВ.

A number of different values may be displayed to reflect different driving conditions, e.g., high speed driving or for a heavily laden vehicle. The display of the different values is dependent on vehicle specification.

Tyre pressure adjustment while the tyres are warm:

Dependent on the market, the tyre pressures can be displayed in the instrument panel using the Vehicle info and Tyre pressure check instrument panel menus. See МЕНЮ ЩИТКА ПРИБОРОВ.

The instrument panel displays two tyre pressure values for each tyre. The upper value is the actual tyre pressure and the lower figure (in brackets) is the recommended tyre pressure. The recommended pressures are calculated upon the warming of the tyres through use. The recommended pressures equate to the correct inflation pressure when the tyres are cold.


The recommended inflation pressures do not necessarily align with the placard pressure label due to the warming of the tyres through driving. The placard pressure label is located at the base of the driver's door opening.


Always inflate the tyres to the recommended inflation pressure illustrated in the Vehicle info display. In case the tyres are cold when inflated, the placard pressure label may be used. See СЛИШКОМ НИЗКОЕ ДАВЛЕНИЕ ВОЗДУХА В ШИНАХ.