2019 Range Rover



Care should be taken with all suspension height changes, especially when a trailer is attached to the vehicle. Incorrect suspension adjustments can result in serious damage to the vehicle.


The amount of air suspension adjustment is dependent on the current height setting. The front suspension may also adjust to maintain the correct headlight level.


The suspension adjusts if the vehicle's doors are open, but the vehicle may not lower to its minimum setting.

Use the rear height adjust feature to manually adjust only the vehicle's rear suspension height. The rear height adjust feature is useful when loading or unloading the vehicle, connecting or disconnecting a trailer, and when manoeuvring a connected trailer.

Use the loadspace buttons to operate the rear height adjust feature. Unlock the vehicle and open the tailgate to enable the buttons.


The loadspace buttons are disabled when the tailgate is closed.

Operate as follows:

  1. Press and hold to raise the rear suspension.

  2. Press and hold to lower the rear suspension.

  3. Simultaneously press and hold both buttons to set the rear suspension to the normal height setting.


    A time delay may be evident before the vehicle reacts to a suspension height request via the buttons. The vehicle's systems need to be configured before each height adjustment.


    The buttons automatically disable if unused for a designated time period after opening the tailgate. To override this, switch the ignition on.


The smart key can be operated from inside or outside of the vehicle. Make sure that the smart key is always kept safely out of children’s reach, to avoid serious injury or death.

The suspension’s rear height adjust feature can also be remotely operated via the vehicle’s smart key. Press the fascia switch to switch on the hazard warning lights. In this state, the vehicle interprets signals received via operation of the smart key buttons as height adjustment requests.

Operate as follows:

  • To lower: Simultaneously press and hold the headlights button (1) and the tailgate unlock button (2).

  • To raise: Simultaneously press and hold the headlights button (1) and the unlock button (3).

  • To set the vehicle to normal height: Simultaneously press and hold the headlights button (1) and the lock button (4).

The indicator lamps, on the electronic air suspension controls, indicate the current status of the rear suspension, after adjustment. If the rear suspension is currently above normal height, both the normal height and off-road height indicator lamps illuminate. If the rear suspension is currently below normal height, both the normal height and access height indicator lamps illuminate. See ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЕ ОРГАНЫ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ПНЕВМАТИЧЕСКОЙ ПОДВЕСКОЙ.