2019 Range Rover


A luggage divider kit is provided, to assist with safely securing items of luggage to the loadspace floor.

Floor-mounted luggage rails provide a full width mounting channel. The channel accommodates a flexible retracting band and/or a solid telescopic divider, to retain soft and hard luggage of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Press, then pull the retracting band until the required length is reached.


    Only use the retracting band along the side of the loadspace floor, as illustrated.

  2. Adjust the divider to the required length.

  3. Unlock the appropriate lashing eye. Attach the retracting band and divider.

  4. With the lashing eye in the unlocked position, press the locking switch and slide to the required position in the luggage rail.

  5. Lock the lashing eye in the required position.

  6. To remove the retracting band and divider from the lashing eye, unlock the lashing eye and press the lock or unlock button to release.