2019 Range Rover



Only use towing equipment that is approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Non-approved towing equipment may adversely affect the accuracy and performance of the vehicle's towing features. The potential result can lead to vehicle damage and personal injury.

Hitch assist aids the process of reversing the vehicle to a trailer's tow hitch.

Operate as follows:

  1. Select Reverse (R) to automatically display a rear-view image on the touchscreen.

  2. Touch the settings icon to display the CAMERA SETTINGS menu. Select ON from the Hitch Assist option, to display the guidance lines.

  3. Reverse the vehicle toward the trailer.

  4. As the vehicle closes to within 600 mm of the trailer's tow hitch, an automated zoom feature enlarges the view on the touchscreen.

  5. Continue the manoeuvre until the vehicle and trailer are as close as required.