2019 Range Rover



Never exceed the maximum weights for either the vehicle or the trailer. Doing so can cause accelerated wear and damage to the vehicle, and adversely affect the vehicle's stability and braking. The result can also cause a loss of control and increased braking distances, potentially leading to a rollover or crash, causing serious injury or death.


To preserve the vehicle's handling and stability, only fit approved towing accessories. Failure to do so can potentially cause a loss of control, resulting in a rollover or a crash, causing serious injury or death.


Never use the vehicle's towing eyes or lashing points to tow a trailer, as they have not been designed for this purpose. Doing so will cause serious vehicle damage, which in turn may result in a crash, potentially causing serious injury or death.


The use of weight distribution hitches is not recommended. Using weight distribution hitches can potentially cause serious damage to the vehicle.


A reduction in the performance of the Air Conditioning (A/C) system is normal under high load towing conditions.

Make sure that the towing vehicle and the trailer are being used in accordance with the vehicle and trailer manufacturers' recommendations and any applicable legislation. See МАССА and БУКСИРУЕМАЯ МАССА.

The touchscreen can display a rear-view image to assist with the reversing of the vehicle with a trailer attached. See СИСТЕМА ВИДЕОКАМЕР КРУГОВОГО ОБЗОРА.

When towing a trailer weighing more than 2 000 kg, a smoother pull away from standstill is achieved with the transfer box engaged in low range. Change to high range when the vehicle is moving. See ВЫБОР ПОВЫШЕННОГО И ПОНИЖЕННОГО ДИАПАЗОНА.


To avoid overheating the transmission, it is not advisable to tow heavy trailer loads at speeds of less than 32 km/h (20 mph) in high range. Select low range instead.