2019 Range Rover



The multi-height drop plate tow ball is very heavy. Extreme care must be taken when handling it. To avoid personal injury, make sure that no part of the body is below the tow ball when fitting and removing it. Use both hands to maintain secure handling of the tow ball.


Never leave the multi-height drop plate tow ball loose in the vehicle. In the event of heavy braking or an accident, it can become a projectile, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.

To fit the multi-height drop plate tow ball:

  1. Pull the protective cover to remove it from the tow bar. Store the cover in a safe place.


    Note the orientation of the protective cover to enable refitting.

  2. Insert the multi-height drop plate tow ball assembly into the tow bar.

  3. Insert the securing pin.

  4. Insert the straight part of the locking clip into the end of the securing pin. Push the locking clip firmly to engage into the locked position, as illustrated.

  5. Turn the anti-rattle lock nut counter-clockwise to release.

  6. Turn the anti-rattle lock bolt clockwise to engage against the tow ball and tighten to 55 Nm. Turn the lock nut clockwise to secure the bolt and tighten to 20 Nm.

The tow ball can be removed and refitted to adjust the height setting. In this event, make sure to follow the tow bar instructions supplied with the vehicle. Alternatively, contact a retailer/authorised repairer for the latest information.


Failure to correctly fit the tow ball can potentially lead to vehicle damage or personal injury.