2019 Range Rover



Before changing a wheel, refer to the warning statements in the Wheel changing safety section of the Owner’s Handbook. Failure to comply with the safety instructions could result in an accident, leading to serious injury or death.


Tool types and positions may vary from the illustration.


Note the fitted position of the tool kit before removal.

  1. Loadspace floor panel. Lift to open and secure to access the spare wheel or raise the deployable loadspace floor to the open position. See ВЫДВИЖНОЙ ПОЛ БАГАЖНОГО ОТДЕЛЕНИЯ.

  2. Jack and tools: Located next to the spare wheel. See СНЯТИЕ ЗАПАСНОГО КОЛЕСА.

  3. Spare wheel's lift assist tool.

  4. Locking wheel nut adaptor.

  5. Jack handle.

  6. Wheel brace.

  7. Jack strap.


Examine the jack occasionally. Clean and grease the moving parts, particularly the screw thread, to prevent corrosion.


Take careful note of the storage position for each tool, as it is important to return the tools to the correct position after use.