2019 Range Rover


The following features can be selected from the Voice option. See ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ФУНКЦИИ.

  • Commands: View the categories and the example voice commands. Select the > icon to view alternative examples of saying the same command.

  • Voicetags: View the categories. Select a category to manage the voicetags for the chosen system. Alternatively, select the tickbox, and then press the delete icon to delete all voicetags for a category. See ГОЛОСОВЫЕ МЕТКИ.

  • Tutorial: Select for detailed instructions. Cancel via the displayed pop-up, or press and hold the voice button. Alternatively, briefly press the voice button and say cancel. See ОБУЧЕНИЕ ГОЛОСОВОМУ УПРАВЛЕНИЮ.

Select Voice settings via the SETTINGS pop-up menu. The following settings are displayed:

  • Voice Command Confirmation: Select On or Off.

  • Voice Feedback: Select On or Off.


  • Briefly press the voice button and say voice confirmation on or voice confirmation off.

  • Briefly press the voice button and say voice feedback on or voice feedback off.