2019 Range Rover



The front towing eye is designed for on-road recovery only. If the towing eye is used for any other purpose, it may result in vehicle damage and can cause serious injury or death.


Remove the front towing eye cover before driving off-road, to prevent damage or loss. The cover must be replaced before driving on the road.


Make sure that the cover is correctly fitted before driving the vehicle. An incorrectly fitted cover may become detached from the vehicle and may become damaged.


Note the fitted position of the cover before removal.

The front towing point is located behind a removable cover in the front bumper.

To remove the cover:

  1. Rotate each of the four fasteners 90 degrees counter-clockwise with a coin, or a similar object, to release the lower edge.

  2. Starting at one end, pull the cover forward from the rear lower edge to release the centre tab and six clips on the top edge of the cover.

To refit the cover:

  1. Locate the cover and make sure the centre tab and six clips at the top edge engage with the holes in the bumper.

  2. To secure the cover, rotate each of the four fasteners 90 degrees clockwise.