2019 Range Rover


The touchscreen allows the user to remotely adjust the position of, or fold and raise, the passenger seats.


Before folding or raising executive class rear seats, make sure the rear seat belts are stored between the seat bolster and the D pillar. See ХРАНЕНИЕ РЕМНЯ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ.


Seat comfort settings, e.g. massage, heating, etc., can be controlled remotely via the lower touchscreen. See РЕГУЛИРОВКА И ФУНКЦИИ КОМФОРТА СИДЕНИЙ.

To adjust the position of a passenger’s seat using the touchscreen:

  1. From the HOME SCREEN, swipe left to select the EXTRA FEATURES screen.

  2. Select Seats.

The SEATS screen allows the user to fold or raise a passenger's seat. Touch the appropriate seat image on the touchscreen, then touch the Fold soft key to lower the seat. After the seat is lowered, the Fold soft key is replaced with an Unfold soft key.

To lower all seats, touch the Fold all soft key. After the seats are lowered, the Fold all soft key is replaced with an Unfold all soft key.

The SEATS screen also presents a number of other features:

  • Convenient seat fold can be used to prepare the vehicle to receive a large amount of luggage. Touch the seat soft key to activate the feature. When touched, all rear seats lower, and the tailgate opens.

  • Chauffeur Mode: Touch to open the CHAUFFEUR MODE screen. Chauffeur mode allows the driver to carry out the following functions via the touchscreen:

    Raise and recline any passenger's seat.

    Recall a front passenger's seat memory settings.

    Activate the passenger seat away function. See ФУНКЦИЯ ОТОДВИГАНИЯ СИДЕНЬЯ ПАССАЖИРА.


When a seat returns to the upright position, it should lock into place automatically. If lock mode is not detected, the seat will move forward three times and attempt to lock. Keep clear from the seat during this process. If the seat does not lock after the third attempt, it folds fully down into cargo mode. Check for any obstructions and attempt to fold again. If the seat does not return to the fully upright position after this procedure, contact a retailer/authorised repairer.


If any items are greyed out on the touchscreen, operation is inhibited. Refer to, and follow, the on-screen instructions.