2019 Range Rover



Before activating intelligent seat cargo mode, make sure that the area surrounding the seats is clear of obstructions. All occupants should be clear of moving parts. Personal injury may result if any part of the body is caught in a moving seat.

Intelligent seat cargo mode automatically moves the front seats if it detects a clash will occur when folding the electric rear seatbacks. In order for intelligent seat cargo mode to operate, the following conditions must be in place:

  • Vehicles with standard electric rear seats: The loadspace button is kept pressed.

    Vehicles with executive class rear seats: The loadspace button is pressed and released.

  • The vehicle is stationary.

  • The vehicle is in Park (P).

When the fold sequence is completed, Intelligent Seat Cargo Mode automatically returns the front seats as close as possible to their original positions, depending on the proximity of the rear folded seats.


On vehicles fitted with executive class rear seats, centre rear seat belt buckles may become lodged in between the seat cushions following intelligent seat cargo mode operation. If the seat buckles become lodged, retrieve them from the lodged position in between the seat cushions to make sure they are correctly repositioned for seat belt operation. If a buckle cannot be retrieved manually, move the seat cushions electronically to dislodge the buckle. See СИДЕНЬЯ ПРЕДСТАВИТЕЛЬСКОГО КЛАССА.