2019 Range Rover



Never allow passengers to ride in the loadspace. In a collision, people riding in the loadspace are more likely to be seriously injured or killed. Do not allow anyone to travel in any area of the vehicle that is not equipped for passengers. Be sure that everyone in the vehicle is in a seat and using a seat belt properly.


In a collision or sudden stop, unsecured objects could be thrown inside the vehicle, striking and injuring occupants. Always properly store and secure cargo and other objects in the vehicle.


Make sure that when a seatback is raised, the locking mechanism is fully engaged. An unsecured seatback may not properly support an occupant during a collision or sudden stop.


When raising the rear seats, make sure the seat belts are correctly routed into the seat belt guides and not trapped behind the seats. An incorrectly routed seat belt may not properly restrain an occupant during a collision or sudden stop.


Make sure the head restraints are raised to the correct position before the seats are used by a passenger.


Before folding or raising rear seats, make sure any rear fitted screens are not in the movement path of the folding seat. Damage may occur to the seat or the screen as a result of the two colliding.

The split-fold rear seat can be folded completely to accommodate large loads, or partially folded to accommodate loads while retaining seating for passengers.

Manual seats:

To fold the seatback: Raise the release lever. The seatback folds down against the seat cushion.

To raise the seatback: Lift the seatback and raise it to the upright position. Make sure the seatback is locked firmly into position.

Electric seats:

It is not possible to fold the left-side rear seat on vehicles with a rear fridge.


Before folding or raising executive class rear seats, make sure the rear seat belts are stored between the seat bolster and the D pillar and the armrest is in the stowed position. See ХРАНЕНИЕ РЕМНЯ БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ.

A set of seat buttons is located in the loadspace. For vehicles with standard electric rear seats:

  1. Press and hold to fold or raise the left-side seatback.

  2. Press and hold to fold or raise the right-side seatback.

For vehicle's with executive class rear seats, press and release the appropriate button.


Standard electric rear seats are disabled if the rear seatbacks are moved through a full fold and raise sequence more than three times in quick succession. The feature is re-enabled after 2 minutes.

If the feature detects the rear seatbacks will clash with the front seats, it automatically moves the front seats. The anti-clash feature is called intelligent seat cargo mode. See ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫЙ РЕЖИМ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ СИДЕНЬЯМИ ДЛЯ ПЕРЕВОЗКИ ГРУЗА.

The electric rear seats can also be folded using a smartphone app and the touchscreen. See ОБЩИЕ СВЕДЕНИЯ ПО INCONTROL and ДИСТАНЦИОННОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ ПОЛОЖЕНИЕМ СИДЕНИЙ.