2019 Range Rover



The option to import/rip media is dependent on the vehicle's infotainment and market specification. Not all levels of infotainment are fitted with an internal hard drive. If the vehicle's infotainment system does not include a hard drive, the feature to import/rip media is not available.

The vehicle's internal storage, is used for navigation data, speech data, and metadata databases. Media can also be imported and stored from USB memory devices, via the MEDIA PLAYER SETTINGS screen.

  1. Select the settings icon¹ from any screen.

  2. Select All settings.

  3. Select Features.

  4. Select Media.

  5. Select Media Player Settings.

Importing media from a loaded CD. Select the CD ripping icon. Notification is displayed when ripping of the CD is complete.


If the vehicle's infotainment and market specification does not support CD ripping, the CD ripping icon is not displayed.

settings icon.¹