2019 Range Rover



Always keep the hybrid battery charged to a minimum charge level of 25%. Failure to do so may result in damage to the hybrid battery.


Make sure that the 12V battery remains connected, and in a sufficiently charged state, during the storage period.


In extreme cold climate conditions, store the vehicle in a warmer area to protect it from the environment.

In the event of long-term storage, make sure to charge the hybrid battery every 30 days.

When charging the hybrid battery, it is recommended to connect the vehicle's charging cable to an external charging station. See ПОДСОЕДИНЕНИЕ КАБЕЛЯ ЗАРЯДКИ.

Alternatively, the hybrid battery is charged while driving the vehicle. If required, deactivate the auto stop/start system to prevent operation of the electric motor. See ВЫКЛЮЧЕНИЕ АВТОМАТИЧЕСКОЙ ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ ЗАПУСКА/ОСТАНОВКИ ДВИГАТЕЛЯ "СТОП/СТАРТ".

The current hybrid battery charge level can be viewed in the instrument panel’s power gauge display. See ПАНЕЛЬ ПРИБОРОВ: АВТОМОБИЛИ С ГИБРИДНЫМ ДВИГАТЕЛЕМ.

If the vehicle cannot be charged using the charging cable or via normal driving, then the following procedure may be used:

  1. Make sure the vehicle is in a well-ventilated area.


    Never start the engine or leave it running when the vehicle is in an enclosed space without adequate ventilation. Exhaust gases are poisonous and inhalation can cause unconsciousness and potentially lead to serious injury or death.

  2. To maintain control of the vehicle, apply the Electric Parking Brake (EPB).

  3. Select Neutral (N) or Park (P).

  4. Start and run the engine.

  5. Configure the instrument panel to display the tachometer. See ПАНЕЛЬ ПРИБОРОВ: АВТОМОБИЛИ С ГИБРИДНЫМ ДВИГАТЕЛЕМ.

  6. Lightly press and continually hold the accelerator pedal at approximately 1 500 rpm, to allow the engine to charge the hybrid battery.

  7. Switch off the engine when the battery gauge indicates a charge level of 25%.